Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The costume of the inhabitants of Peru

In doing research this evening I found some very nice illustrations of representative 19th century Peruvian dress from the Wellcome Library in London. Henri surely saw Peruvians dressed in a similar manner in 1853. The illustrations come from The costume of the inhabitants of Peru, published by J. Edington, London. Enjoy.

A middle class woman of Lima

Two female domestic staff in Spanish Dress

A middle class man of Lima

Overseer of a Royal Peruvian Mine on horseback

Female warrior of the Yurimagua Tribe

Indian woman of a village near Lima

A lady of Lima in full dress

An Indian female in a Poncho

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  1. Great illustrations. So far from the images we associate with Peruvian fashion. I found native hats to be the most fascinating of surviving fashions. If you get to Cusco, look up a hatmaker near the wall named "Angel" He still makes the hard-as-cement stove pipe style for indigenous customers. You can see some in my audio essay at


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