Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A message from Tintin

I have been working on this project surrounding my Swiss ancestor's 19th century voyage to the Americas since 2007. Has it been 6 years already?

As a boy I always loved Tintin, and in particular I was drawn to "Le Temple du Soleil/The Sun Temple" edition which happens to be about Peru. I was reading it again for fun last night, and laughed out loud when I read one the panels. One that I never seem to notice before. Tintin is reading a news clipping of a Swiss expedition to the Andes. As I am finally getting close to calling the translation done, I am taking it as a sign of good things to come. Thanks for the synchronicity Tintin.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Swiss Explorer Comes to America

Like Henri's adventure, my project concerning him has continued to evolve. When I found the original journal, my fascination with it took me in its grasp and refused to let go. Beyond the intellectual calculations of its historical value, there was a deeply emotional component. The journal felt viscerally part of me, a creative product that called to me, desiring to be expressed.

My first published article in an historical journal has just gone live. After countless stops and starts, numerous rewrites, and a few additional gray hairs I am very pleased with the result. I tried to not simply write about Henri's voyage, but also what the journey has meant for me personally.

Please go over to common-place.org and read my Tales from the Vault article Following in His Footsteps – A Swiss Explorer Comes to America.
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