Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Arms of Morpheus

Panorama De Puebla (toado desde e fuerte Guadalupe) by Casimiro Castro, 1855

As I am getting nearer to publication I am going through my great-great-gandfather's journals one more time to check the English translation. As I do I am finding some great passages I had not noticed before. The following is a prime example.

It is 1853, and Henri de Büren is staying at a small hacienda in Izúcar de Matamoros on his way to climb the volcano Popocatépetl and sleep is elusive.

"We then went for a walk and, after doing a small sketch and smoking the usual cigars, we decided to deliver ourselves into the arms of Morpheus. Unfortunately, this friend of humanity has organized and regimented enemies, so after fighting them uselessly, I decided to get dressed and to wrap myself in my serape. After taking a saddle to use as a pillow, I quietly went to sleep under the arcades of the courtyard where, this time, sleep finally won a complete victory."
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