Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bandelier in Bern

I have spoken in a previous post about Henri's 1852 visit to the Bandelier family home in Highland, Illinois, when Adolph Bandelier, the renowned Anthropologist was just a boy.

Flash forward 30 years to Adolph Bandelier making the rounds in Europe to arrange for the printing of illustrations for his research publications and act as an emissary for his father to secure additional funding to the local bank back in Highland solvent.

In The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier 1883-1884, Bandelier talks about a Mr. de Büren lending his support, and I thought it was Henri. Upon further inspection he is talking of financial support from Eugene de Büren (1845-1923), one of Henri's cousins of the Private de Büren bank in Bern. Eugene was also the friend of Zoologist Theoplil Studer, who Bandelier mentions visiting a number of days before going to Bern.

"December 5, 1884: Had a long conversation with Moisé. His advice was to go to Berne at once, call on Mr. de Büren and ask of him a letter of introduction to A. Chenevier and Company here. I stayed at Geneva overnight. Left for Berne late in the afternoon.

December 6, 1884: I fail to write impressions of today. Mr de Büren is a perfect gentlemen; the others are cowards and fools. It was a horrible day, but I stood it–thank God! I have at least the cooperation of Mr. de Büren, he promised it fully."

Sadly it seems that Eugene de Büren's support was not enough, the bank in Highland would fail the next year.

Eugene de Büren (1845-1923)

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