Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visiting a Fellow Artist

While in New York, Henri spent some time with Hubert Sattler, a fellow European, and one with whom he shared many common interests. Hubert was a very well know painter and extensive traveller originally from Austria. He was the son of Johann Micheel Sattler who was famous for his Sattler-Panoramas of Salzburg.

New York, by Hubert Sattler, 1854

Puebla de Los Angeles in Mexiko, by Hubert Sattler, 1860

Der Tempel von Tulum in Yukatan (Mexiko), by Hubert Sattler, 1836


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  2. Great blog. I have a comment, though. The second painting's footnote says "Puebla de los Ángeles 1860". This is not accurate. The painting depicts Mexico City as seen from the bell towers of the Church of San Fernando, looking towards the East. I am sure of this for two reasons. If you look at the two volcanoes from Puebla, the Popocatépetl is on the left and the Ixtaccíhuatl is on the right. The view of the volcanoes from Mexico City is exactly the opposite: the Popocatépetl is on the right and the Ixtaccíhuatl on the left, as seen in this image. Furthermore, the dome at the centre is San Hipólito; the trees right behind the dome and to the right of it is the Alameda Central, an important park in downtown Mexico City, and finally the court that can be seen on the left bottom corner of the painting is nowadays the cemetery of San Fernando. We can even see the niches of the cemetery behind the columns. The year (1860) might also be off by a few years; I've seen elsewhere in the Internet that it might be related to the view of the city in 1840, but of course I can't confirm this... ¡Muchas gracias por la imagen!


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