Monday, March 23, 2009

Thaer's School in Möglin

Henri, like his father before him studied botany and agriculture at Albrect Thaer's school near Berlin.

In 1804 Albrecht Daniel Thaer (1752 – 1828) followed an invitation to establish his domicile and his activities in the Prussian Kingdom. He purchased the manor of Möglin in the Eastern part of what is nowadays the Federal State of Brandenburg. At Möglin he was able to develop his concept of rational agriculture, managed both economically and sustainable, and based on crop rotation, soil improvement by marling, increased field forage, stable feeding, extension of grassland by man-made alluvial pastures, and sheep breeding and management. He contributed actively to designing the Prussian agrarian reforms. Many components of the actual German soil bonitation are based on Thaer’s ideas. In 1806, Thaer founded an agricultural school at Möglin, which became the Royal Prussian Academy of Agriculture, and lasted up to 1862. Many of Thaer’s ideas are still relevant.

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